Understand how poorly plans can cost millions

Understand how poorly plans can cost millions

A quality manager has responsibility to make planning the demands that the quality sector need to review or obtain new licenses and other bureaucracies, but poorly done planning can create a domino effect of negative consequences.

Qualifications and validations are a guarantee that equipment and processes such as cleaning will meet the minimum standards required by Anvisa in order to ensure patient safety and product integrity, when annual renewals are not made can generate problems such as:

- Cross-contamination
- Production line stop
- Loss of product lots
- Audit notes

And where do the millions come in?

If a note from the previous year is not corrected by negligence of a planning, Anvisa can impose fines of up to 75 thousand reais, for each repeat gap or even prohibit the marketing of products, causing multimillion-dollar losses to the corporation.

To avoid this type of problem, the ideal is to correct gaps before mandatory annual audits, and promote an internal audit, generating a pre-inspection report and thus understand where your organization's problems are.

A thorough analysis in the quality sector is already a common practice in audits, but have you ever imagined going further and having continuous support so that planning is always updated with respect to the demands and changes of the company? Meet Continuous K .

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