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Blackout in Amapá worries pharmaceutical sector

The blackout in the state of Amapá has lasted seven days and has hit several sectors, including the pharmacist. The lack of energy caused a number of disruptions such as water shortages, food, lack of voice and data communication, shutdown of bank branches and other essential services.

Pfizer says Covid-19 vaccine prevents 90% of infections

In an official statement on Monday, The 9th, Pfizer said that its vaccine against Covid-19 prevented more than 90% of infections of the disease among volunteers.

Ingredients of products should be included in Portuguese

From 2021, the composition of toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes should be included in Portuguese on the labelling.

Advanced therapy products: check the subject codes

Anvisa migrates to the System Requests the petition of Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices and Registration of Advanced Therapy Product.


Anvisa authorizes sale of psychoactive nasal spray to treat severe depression

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved Tuesday (3) the marketing of the drug Spravato, a nasal spray to treat people who have unsuccessfully taken two antidepressant drugs, the so-called depression resistant.

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