Biweekly News of Life Science Market! 24/11/20

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Covid-19: Anvisa announces procedure for registration of vaccines

It provides for the procedure of continuous submission of technical data for the registration of Vaccines Covid-19.



Industry warns of chronic shortage of insums

Despite producing more than 70% of the drugs consumed in Brazil, the national pharmaceutical industry is still very dependent on the foreign market when it comes to pharmaceutical inputs.


Cosmetics company pays $700,000 to NASA for space photo shoot

Estée Lauder paid the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to photograph one of her serums with planet Earth as the background


Brazil may receive vaccine from Pfizer until March; dry ice is outlet to store

The vaccine developed by Pfeizer/BioNTech against covid 19 may already be available for use in Brazil in the first quarter of 2021, according to the president of the pharmaceutical company in the country, Carlos Murillo, if the Brazilian government decides to import the immunizer.


Anvisa's new electronic bully will be back on 11/20

Created to facilitate quick access to leaflets, system will again be made available in the "Queries" link of the new portal.

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