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News 09/22/2020

BioNTech buys Novartis lab to boost vaccine production.

The German BioNTech,which produces a potential vaccine against Covid-19 with the American Pfizer,said in a statement on Thursday (17) that signed the purchase of a laboratoryof Novartis, pharmaceutical company. The acquisition, according to BioNTech,will serve for the biotechnology company to expand vaccine production to atotal of 750 million doses per year.

MAPA approves the technical regulation that sets the Identity and Quality Standards for Whey and Whey Acid.

The standards of identity and quality that must meet whey and sour whey are of liquid,concentrated and powdered forms, intended for human consumption.

Amended the temporary resolution RDC No. 350 of March 2020 for the production of sanitizers in extraordinary condition due to Covid.

Farmaceutical, sanitizers and cosmetic sanitizers companies may manufacture antiseptic preparations or disinfectants without registration or notification with Anvisa provided that the criteria set out in the new resolution are met.

Anvisa chages RDC no. 27,36,40 to provide for the extinction of the registration and migration regime of risk class II medical devices to the notification regime.

The resolution has the objective of defining the requirements of the notification regime for the sanitary control of medical products of risk classes I and II, exempted from registration in the form of §1 of Article 25 of Law No. 6,360 of 1976."(NR)

Kivalita Consultingmakes on Tuesday (22) Webinar on ISO 27.001 and its applications

The webinar is partof Quality Week, and there will be a step-by-step checklist of the applicationof an ISO 27.001 exclusive to online participants at 7:30 pm today.

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